Market Trends

Market Trends

April 13, 2009 - 3:18 PM

Hello, and welcome to our new website. We hope that through our site we can engage new and current clients. From time to time I plan on posting my thoughts and interpretations about the current market. I've been moving shipments for over 10 years. I've always felt that our business is on the front line and typically we're one of the first to see market changes. For the last three months I feel that we've been bouncing on bottom. All of our indicators point toward this conclusion. Rates and Fuel Surcharges have been consistent and truck demand has been low. In this climate our clients have benefited directly from our ability to quickly adjust pricing to the current market demand.

Typically as spring sets in we start to see changes in truck availability in the South East and the West Coast due to the impending produce seasons. As those areas begin to see an increased truck demand, we will start to see changes in virtually every truck market across the lower 48 states. Inevitably we're going to see some prices increase for Van loads. The Heavy Haul market will change as well. Construction and agriculture equipment start moving again in the North and Midwest. A good point to make here is that by giving us more notice on your upcoming shipments, will greatly reduce the possibility of service failures. It will also enable us to find best carrier and price for your shipment.

A concern we have for remainder of the year is trying to figure out just how many truck lines and drivers have left the market. If our hypothesis is correct only the strong have survived this recession. One can only assume that if truck demand or fuel prices increase we will see significant change in pricing. For an example of a past market condition similar to what could see, look back to 2004-2005. Truck demand and pricing were high and new carriers were entering the market daily. Our goal at that time was to find the best, most affordable carrier we could to meet your service requirements. Many of the business practices formulated in 2004-2005 we still use today. We start by interrogating a carrier's authority history, and looking for past issues that may reflect the carrier's commitment to service. After the carrier is tendered the shipment our internal systems are built to force potential service failures to the surface which has lead to 95% on time ratio in 2008!

Whatever happens in the coming year, we will continue to manage your freight the same way we always have — with honesty and superior customer service. Thank you for your business!

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