Price vs Service

Price vs Service

February 9, 2010 - 4:26 PM

As you know we are not always the cheapest quote you receive on shipments as a large part of our pricing strategy is geared around providing exceptional service. Our rates could be lower however we find that we often sacrifice on time pickups and deliveries. One thing I've learned is that regardless of price the customer always expects exceptional service. Which is why one of things I've never been willing to sacrifice is our service level. Our commitment to service has been our guiding light for many years and has been one of the main reasons we've weathered this recession better than most of our peers. 

One of the areas we are going to start focusing on is obtaining more volume style shipments. A point to be made here is that I am going to assume that our service level is among the best you will receive among transportation vendors. If I may make that leap, one could project that our office could improve the service level on the shipments where the manufacturer is used to arrange the transportation. If this is true then we should talk more in regards to how we can work with you on these types of shipments. 

One essential part of the equation would be your willingness to allow us to know the manufacturers shipping rates. By doing this we can target our cost and evaluate whether or not we can handle the shipment at a reduced profit and not sacrifice our commitment to service. I believe that through this type of agreement we can both profit.  

I am sure you have some thoughts and when you have some time to digest please give me a call or shoot me an email.

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