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LTL, Less than Load, Partial, HotshotWe handle LTL on virtually any trailer type. From one pallet to 30' of space, we typically locate a contract carrier to load and deliver your shipment without cross-docking. Less cross-docking will equal fewer damage claims and delivery is typically faster than with a common carrier.

We do offer managed LTL common carrier service to our customers. Our annual shipment volume allows us to obtain exceptional discounts from many common carriers. We choose the best carrier and manage your shipment all the way from pickup to delivery.

  • 2013 claims ratio = 0.002%
  • Flatbed and Stepdeck LTL
  • Van LTL
  • Flatbed Hotshot service
  • 24-28' Straight truck service

For more information contact Brad Eldeen at 866-700-0770.

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