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From palletized van loads for a 53' trailer to machinery that is 10' high and requires full tarps, we've got you covered. Our process is simple really. We stand by our word and follow through. Proper carrier selection is at the forefront of our business model and our extensive experience allows us to eliminate problems before they happen.

If you're not sure which trailer type you need, take a look below:


  • 48-53' Vans

  • 48' Flatbeds (53' can be located with ample lead time)

  • 48-53' Step Decks (ramps upon request)

  • Expedited Service
    • If your shipment needs to be there yesterday you should take advantage of our extensive network of team drivers who can travel up to 1200 miles in 24 hours.


Note that most state DOT regulations require the total weight of truck, trailer, and shipment to not exceed 80,000-lbs. Shipments using an open trailer cannot exceed 13' 6" high or 8'6" wide. Likewise the tractor and trailer cannot exceed 80' in length though most states will allow a 4' overhang. Interstate OTR permitting can be a costly headache that results in lengthy delays. If your shipment exceeds any of the above dimensions, visit our Specialized Services and make use of our expert knowledge in DOT permits.

And going in the other direction, if your shipment is less than a full trailer visit our LTL (Less-than-Load) page.

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